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September 20, 2016

In-Depth: Engine Lubricants Impact Low-Speed Pre-Ignition

Resolving Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI)
Unless resolved, LSPI is a barrier to better engines


An unexpected consequence of automakers downsizing and turbo-boosting engines, Low-Speed Pre-Ignition occurs at low speeds during a period of rapid acceleration. LSPI is believed to be caused by droplets or particles in the combustion chamber — combinations of fuel and oil — that ignite prior to the spark, resulting in uncontrolled, abnormal combustion. Even just one LSPI-induced spike in engine operating pressure can cause severe engine damage. Properly formulated lubricants can help prevent LSPI from becoming a common event at your shop ... More

MOTOR's Multimedia Moment

Engine Low-Speed Pre-Ignition Explained

This LSPI animation visually explains LSPI, its impact on downsized and turbocharged engine efficiency and what challenges need to be overcome to avoid LSPI-caused repairs that could result ... MORE


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Penray's 7612 Crankcase and Differential Cleaner dissolves/removes sludge before it causes damage.

BG Products' Gasoline Direct Injection Fuel/Air Induction Service restores power and performance.
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