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November 22, 2016

In-Depth: Lubrication

Minimizing Timing Chain Wear
R&D and lubricant formulation can improve timing belt wear on GTDI engines


Timing chain wear is becoming an area of increasing concern for OEMs, particularly with gasoline turbocharged direct injection (GTDI) engines, according to Ryan Rieth, lubricant development technologist for Infineum International Ltd. He and the company recently shared with MOTOR several insights about timing chain wear and how proper analysis and quality lubricant formulations can improve durability ... More

MOTOR's Multimedia Moment

Mercedes' Hot Inside V and Dry Sump Lubrication

The M178 biturbo V8 engine in the Mercedes AMG GT S features a "hot inside V" dual turbocharger configuration and dry sump engine lubrication system. Watch how it works ... MORE


Video Gallery

AMSOIL shares examples that illustrate the importance of maintaining transmission fluids.

Scanner Danner changes the transmission fluid on a 3000 MH Allison transmission.

Ford discusses the 7-camera package and other technologies on the new F-250 Super Duty.

TechSmart Parts shares insights when replacing BMW Differentiated Intake System Valves

Hunter Engineering's Road Force Elite wheel balancer delivers more benefits in less time.

MAHLE shares ArcticPRO ACX1150H setup and operating instructions for R134a a/c service.
Products & Promotions

OTC Tools' Encore Bravo 2.7 upgrade provides more tests and vehicle coverage.

Forward Lift's new I12PRO 12,000 lb. two-post lift is available in two width and four height options.

The new website from Permatex helps resolve gasketing, sealing and general maintenance solutions.

Bartec Announces Increased Placard Coverage for Tech400Pro.

VDO now offers OEM Direct Air Actuators and Electronic Throttle Valves for European vehicles.

The GRID by Tech-Life allows users to plug in and store battery chargers for power tools.
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