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April 14, 2017

In-Depth: Vehicle Data Communication Interfaces

Data Shift: From Plug-In to the Cloud
The ISO's Extended Vehicle Concept is poised to shift all vehicle data to OEM cloud-based servers


At no time in the history of the automotive industry has technological change been so dramatic, so imaginative, so exciting and oh so fast. Such is the case with the way vehicle data, software and other information will be communicated to, from and within vehicles. Here’s what you need to know now, so you can begin to prepare... More

MOTOR's Multimedia Moment

Bosch: Vehicle Communication Architecture is Changing

Bosch’s new Central Connected Gateway (CCG) is an onboard communication node that acts as a router for all data communicated to, from and within vehicles. Watch this Bosch animation that demonstrates the CCG in operation. (Video — Robert Bosch LLC)... MORE


Video Gallery

Visteon's Wireless Gateway provides connectivity by routing data in a safe and secure manner.

AGS shares how its FlareForce tool can create quality, leak proof hose connections.

NVIDIA, Audi, Bosch, and the ZF Group have partnered to develop Level 4 automated vehicles.

ZF Group shows how pendulum motion in transmissions can cause gear damage.

Bosch shares how HMI will shape the future relationship between car, driver and other vehicles.

AVI reviews Ford Motor Co.’s Fail Safe Cooling Strategy.
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Permatex shares the eight most common mistakes made when using threadlockers.

Snap-on’s Multi-Probe Ultra combines a circuit tester and digital multimeter in one device.

VDO’s new HVAC assembly for 2002-07 Subarus makes for easy, trouble-free replacement.

Mueller Kueps' new Inner Rim Cleaner helps prevent aluminum wheel contact surface corrosion.

Autolite’s Iridium XP Enhanced Alloy Technology Spark Plugs deliver more focused ignition and performance.

MANN-FILTER's new 2017 North American Filter Catalog lists all filter applications by vehicle year, make and model.
Industry Newsbreak

Gen 2 engine oil for all GM gasoline engines.

Shield™ Valor 5W-30 is a new engine oil licensed under dexos1™ — Gen 2 for use in modern high-performance engines. It is a full synthetic oil formulated to keep the engine clean, reduce wear and prevent low-speed pre-ignition damage found in direct injection gas and turbocharged engines.

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