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July 7, 2017

In-Depth: Aftermarket Handles Real Time Cyberattack

Cracking Cars
Prevention, detection and timely responses are essential for effective cyber resilience


Before automobiles were so connected to the outside world, critical vehicle communication systems could be built on a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus with impunity and little concern for security. But times have changed. But in today’s world of telematics, connected cars, automated driving and intelligent transportation systems, components the CAN bus has traditionally deemed trustworthy have become gateways to the hacking of critical systems. Without adequate cybersecurity and real time defenses, that’s problematic... More

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Aero Simulation Meets Real-World Demands

When a vehicle’s on-road fuel economy doesn’t match the number on the sticker, consumers and regulators take notice. Exa Corp. shows why aerodynamic simulation addresses what traditional wind tunnels don't. (Video — Exa Corp.)... MORE


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Midtronics' DSS-5000 Battery Diagnostic System provides State of Charge and State of Health data.
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