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Farsight Live | Introducing Farsight Live’s Multi-Vehicle Diagnostics Tool (MVDS)

Watch FARSIGHT’s Justin Kidd, Drew Technologies’ Hugh Atkins and ATS Automotive’s Bernie Thompson discuss the features, benefits and operation of Farsight’s new Multi-Vehicle Diagnostics Tool (MVDS), one the most advanced and user-friendly remote diagnostic platforms available to aftermarket shops and technicians today.

“The MDVS platform offers unlimited live face-to-face diagnostic and technical support from brand specific factory trained technicians available with no hold times,” Kidd shared. “Together, we also offer advanced diagnostic tools, equipment and software, including access to advanced drivability software with automated tests, advanced test equipment like lab scopes, leak detectors, inspection cameras and more. In addition, technicians are just a click aways from brand-specific factory-trained technicians who and support and lead you through diagnostic or repair issues, including guided pass-through programming.

"The teamwork between Drew Technologies and Farsight Live helps bring OE reprogramming and diagnostics to the masses," noted Atkins. "Farsight identified the most significant OEM applications, then we worked together so that we could confirm that the applications would work with our device, the Cardaq Plus II. In particular, our teamwork lets technicians meet OE pass-thru programming requirements, removing the need for multiple programming laptops. Simply can decide which OEM applications you need and load them onto the FARSIGHT tablet.”

"Farsight’s MVDS platform provides technicians with an unrivaled ability use diagnostic tools and expert advice that make a difference for the shop and technician,” explained Thompson. “The platform includes access to ATS' patented diagnostic software, which provides technicians with a hand held no-code drivability analyzer, testing fuel trim, catalyst efficiency, volumetric efficiency test, relevant compression test, inspection camera and the Elite 4-channel oscilloscope. Together, we are going to make every shop in this country experts at repair.”

To learn more, visit the Farsight Live website here. (Video — Farsight Live)

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Farsight Live from FARSIGHT on Vimeo.

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